Unveiling the Process of wire manufacturing.

1. Quality Manufacturing Process

Webster & Horsfall provide a high-quality manufacturing process that reflects our experience, expertise, and integrity. Our highly skilled team use state of the art machinery to create products of the highest quality.

2. Commitment to Ethical Practices

We are committed to ethical practices and offset our carbon footprint through various conservation projects aimed at preserving and protecting the planet.

3. Sourcing of Steel

To ensure the quality of our products, we purchase steel from trusted sources and maintain long-standing technical partnerships to meet our requirements. The insistence on purity, perfection of surface finish, and exactness of analyses and microstructure sets a standard of excellence without which the present performance of spring materials would be impossible.

4. Modern Manufacturing

Today’s spring manufacturers demand custom-made spring wire tailored to their increasingly complex designs and stringent product specifications, and we deliver exactly that. The minimum size of ordinary production is .004″. This, 0.1mm, is the bottom of the range. Between these extremes an infinite variety of round, shaped and flattened wire can be produced, exact to size where needed.

5. Purchasing from Specialist Mills

With our century-long expertise in steel manufacturing, we procure our steel requirements from specialised British and continental mills, ensuring high standards of purity, surface finish, and precision.

6. Wire Drawing Process Evolution

Over centuries, wire drawing processes have evolved with the adoption of durable tools, machinery, and improved transmission techniques, enabling higher speeds and longer runs.

7. Operator Skill and Tradition

Despite technological advancements, the skill required in wire drawing remains high, and tradition plays a significant role in our craft. Many wire drawers believe that the necessary skills are inherited, akin to artistic talent. Experience at Penns and Hay Mills supports this notion, with many of our best wire drawers coming from families with long connections to the company.

8. Testing and Quality Assurance

We employ stringent testing procedures to ensure compliance with customer orders, utilising modern testing apparatus for physical testing, including non-destructive testing up to 200%.

9. Customer Service

Our laboratory serves as a support department for customers, offering technical support data with a record system spanning many years. This support involves helping customers understand product specifications, addressing technical queries, providing guidance on product usage or installation, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

10. Spring Wire Production Capacity

Our annual wire production capacity is approximately 10,000 tons, with sales determined more by the number and variety of orders rather than their weight. Whether it’s an order of an ounce, or a few feet of spring wire, the orders will have the same meticulous care as all others.

11. Additional Services

Our associate company Latch & Batchelor, specialists in mining ropes, require round and intricate shaped wire of the highest integrity. Latch & Batchelor also supply stainless steel rope and offer a complete range of engineering rope with all the associated services. Both companies are approved with British Coal and many other quality assurance authorities, including the Ministry of Defence and Civil Aviation Authority.

12. Usage of Wire

Hay Mill’s wire is found in most plants and machinery; mechanical equipment can hardly operate without it and its usage is general in motor cars, aircraft, the electronics and electrical industries, and weaponry. Webster & Horsfall is the only British manufacturer still supplying piano wire on any scale. We also produce wire to the minutiae of perfection required for surgical needs.

13. Quality Demands

The lists of usage of high-grade wire of all classes, kinds, and analyses, is endless and is ever increasing. Our company has met and will continue to meet all demands placed upon it for quality wire.

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