Hard Drawn Spring Wire

Ordering is by weight and starts at 1kg

Length/Weight examples for spring steel wire (approx.):

1mm = 160m/kg

2mm = 40m/kg

5mm = 6.4m/kg


Applications: For mechanical spring manufacturing

Standard: EN 10270-1 European

Standard: BS 5216 Great Britain

Standard: NF A47-301 France

Standard: DIN 172231 Germany

Standard: (Pt1) USA

Standard: ASTM A227+A228 European

0,1mm – 9,5mm

930-3780 N/mm2




0,1mm  2160 MPa  3780 N/mm²

3,0mm  1250 MPav  2150 N/mm²

4,0mm  1170 MPa  1920 N/mm²

9,0mm  940 MPa  1540 N/mm²

9,5mm  930 MPa  1390 N/mm²

Phosphate coated (plain)  – Dry drawn wire with soapmlubricants (grey in colour)

Wet drawn  – Oil drawn polished finished

Galvanised  – Drawn after galvanizing (wet or dry drawn)

Tinned  – Final hot dip tin coat

Lished  – Mechanically ground polish finish (finally oiled)

Other finishes on request.


The above can also be supplied in shaped wire. (Please see separate sheet)

Catchweight coils

Reels/ spools (plastic)

Metal reels (up to 300 kg)


Cut lenghts

Specific coil weights/ sizes

(see Packaging separate sheet)


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