Oil-tempered Wire for Springs

Ordering is by weight and starts at 1kg

Length/Weight examples for spring steel wire (approx.):

1mm = 160m/kg

2mm = 40m/kg

5mm = 6.4m/kg


Applications:  Obtained by in-line hardening + tempering, these wires are ideal for quality springs in high stress environments. Where good mechanical properties are required.

Carbon Steel:  EN10270-2(C)  BS 2803 093A65  DIN 17223 (pt2) VD  A230

Carbon Steel:  EN10270-2(C)  BS 2803 094A65

Carbon Steel:  EN10270-2(C)  BS 2803 095A65  DIN 17223 (pt2) FD  A229

Low Alloy Steel:  EN10270-2(CrV)  BS 2803 735A50  DIN 17225 50Cr. V4  A231, A232

Chrome Vanadium:  EN10270-2SiCr)  BS 2803 685A55  DIN 17225 67SiCr5  A401

Silicon Chrome

Diameter range:  Carbon  .45mm – 9.5mm

Diameter range:  Chrome Vanadium  3mm – 10mm

Diameter range:  Silicon Chrome  .76mm – 10mm

Tensile range: 1290 N/mm2 – 1690 N/mm2

Tensile range: 1370 N/mm2 – 1820 N/mm2

Tensile range: 1500 N/mm2 – 2250 N/mm2

Finish: Black Oxide  (controlled scale) with protective oil

Annealed: All the above wires are available in the annealed, or annealed and lightly drawn condition. For hardening and tempering after spring formation.

Shaped:  The above can also be supplied in shaped wire. (Please see separate sheet)

Packaging: Catchweight coils up to 500 kgs, Formers, Cut lengths, Specific coil weights/sizes (See Packaging separate sheet)

Normal condition of supply is cast to fly straight, but all sizes can be cast to block if required.


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